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Style 360 is an antistatic spray lotion created to build, shape and finish all types of hair giving a natural light effect. Expressly designed to obtain more results thanks to only one product and keep dogs coat more brilliant and compact. Excellent for both drying and brushing up, it gives volume and support to the hair, especiality regarding hair with static build-up, it gives volume and support to the hair. Exceptional for pre-show use to give volume , stabilize the hair or fix scissor cuts.


As a nutrient and conditioning balm, Style 360 can be sprayed onto the coat after shampoo. Message, then leave for a short time (combing the fur) and rinse thouroughly. Finish scissor or trimer cuts by applying the product and shape. To condition coats and styles, spray and style as wished with a brush or comb. It is also suitable during drying to give volume.

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1l, 200ml