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Platynum Pro is a professional shampoo with a powerful and innovative restructuring and moisturizing effect. Its cream – emollient and structuring balm cleanses gently, respects skin and soothes irritations and skin abnormalities. Its formula facilitates knots removal and brushing, reinforcing and protecting keratin structure of hair and skin. Platynum Pro is enriched with a selection of active ingredients that act in order to integrate the coat with all vital elements. It contains natural origin ingredients that interact with an excellent physiological compatibility and improve aesthetic appearance of the coat giving shine and elasticity to the hair. It is recommended for all textures and subjects that must be washed frequently, but especially for show dogs.


Platynum Pro contains sea bio-derivates and active ingredients such as allantoin as skin sedative and anti-irritant, chitosan to polish and restructure the hair and cocoa butter to brighten the hair and enhance the natural colours of the textures.


Platynum Pro is a very concentrated product, dilutable with 20 parts of water. Apply the solution on the hair, massaging gently until getting a soft and emollient cream. Rinse and repeat a second time. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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