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AQUA OTO ear cleaner



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A dog´s ear is a very important, delicate, and powerful structure: that´s the reason why it needs protection. The excessive production of ear wax and the lack of ventilation could cause ear obstructions that become the ideal place for bacteria and yeast to flourish. This provokes otitis, an infection of the ear canal.

Aqua Oto is a product designed to cleanse your dog´s ears. It is an original solution made of polysorbates, anionic surfactants derived from vegetables extracts largely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Polysorbates are soluble and dissolve ear wax and other greasy impurities in a very efficient way.

While fighting ear wax, Aqua Oto has a sedative action, thanks to allantoin, chamomile glycolic and peppermint; it prevents itches and inflammations through vegetable extracts from yarrow, mallow and lemon balm and its citrus tree fragrance has a delightful and deodorizing effect.

How to use: For a complete cleaning, Aqua Oto should be frequently applied especially during baths to prevent dirty dregs from blemishing your dog´s mantle. If your dog has fur inside the ear, a very common feature of poodles, it would be best to carefully trim the hair.

When applying Aqua Oto after this preliminary steps, keep your dog´s head down and gently lift the auricle in order to “straighten out” the ear and align it vertically. Introduce the product into the dog´s adjusted ear and massage for several minutes. With the help of cotton ball or bandage soaked in Aqua Oto (NEVER use a cotton bud!), clean carefully the inside part of dog´s ear to get rid of the impurities.

Aqua Oto´s liquid can be used during therapies and puts the lightness of water and your dog´s natural centrifugal force. After the solution is applied, your dog will respond by shaking his head therefor intensifying the product´s purpose by expelling any remaining dirt!

Contains: allantoin, yarrow, chamomile glycolic and peppermint extracts, mallow and lemon balm, citrus tree extracts.

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