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Revitalizing treatment for brittle and dehydrated fur, contains iridescent pearls

Aquarosa Passion Pro is made for real Aquarosa Pro enthusiasts.
The new formula of this multivitamin shampoo will surprise you with its rich and silky cream and its enveloping, delicate fragrance. The shimmering pearls contained in the shampoo, with bright effects and neon reflections, give the dog’s coat an incredible softness and make the spa treatment a real treat.

Aquarosa Passion Pro is fortified with rose hip and mallow extracts, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Vitamin C and flavonoids that stimulate collagen synthesis. The presence of Chlorella Vulgaris, a seaweed that contains essential amino acids in a highly bioavailable form, as well as vitamin B12 and beta-carotene that moisturize the skin, ensures the neutralization of environmental toxins and heavy metals. In addition, seawater, which is rich in potassium and magnesium minerals, has a strong cleansing effect on the animal’s skin.

Aquarosa Passion Pro is a very concentrated shampoo that can be used on all types of dog or cat fur, pure or diluted with water. For gentle cleaning, mix one part of the product with 20 parts of water. For the best result, apply the solution to the fur previously treated with an organic energy mask and massage it gently until you get a soft, emollient cream. Rinse and repeat the process a second time or continue with a different shampoo.

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