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Skincare Pro is an oily dermowash bath treatment. It removes dirty with a natural and delicate detergency. Thanks to its surfactants of a vegetable origin, it works with a hygienical action against all abnormalities which attack and demage the animals skin. Skincare Pro soothes skin irritation, calming the itchy feeling already after the first treatment. It is recommended for soap-sensitive skins; frequent washes; old dogs or puppies; greasy skins that tend to smell; for dry skin or dehydrated hair and dandruff problems. Its formulation helps to re-establish the equilibrium of the skin and hair, restoring the natural barrier able to protect the animal against parasites.


Skincare Pro contains sea bio-derivates and natural active ingredients (propolis, fruit hydroacids and yeast extracts). Propolis is provided with noumerous therapeutical, bacteriostatic, bacteriocide properties, and a strong antimicrobic capacity. This natural antiseptic is able to stop the abnormal development of the bacterial flora which often accompanies the beginning of skin problems. Fruit hydroacids increase the cellular activity, helping the detachment of the dead cells and permitting the new ones to appear. The yeast extracts have the best conditioning and invigorating charecteristics and improve the integrity of the skin. Skincare Pro contains natural ingredients and it keeps the coat well conditioned, shiny and easy to comb.


Skincare Pro can be used diluted with water. Dilution varies according to the various conditions of the coat to be treated. Apply onto the fur massaging carefully for a few minutes in order to improve the action of the product. Repeat a second time and rinse thouroughly.

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