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Bain Pro is a highly concentrated professional shampoo, specific for gently cleansing all dogs` coats. Its polyvalent ingredients clean highly neglected coats deeply; react with extreme beauty conditioning on long hair; create a perfect balance on every coat by increasing defences and natural protective oils of keratinic structure. Bain Pro formula is enriched with a mixture of natural surfaces-actives and hydrating substances which can give the fur back its brilliance and elasticity starting from the first use. A regular use of the product helps brushing, combing and brings out coat natural colours brightness. It is recommended for all dog breeds with specific fur conditions and which need frequent washing.


Integrated with sea bio-derivates (silk amino acids to guarantee a strong hold and volume to the coat, yeast to quickly nourish and strengthen the hair, natural moisturizing, factor to hydrate skin and fur). Bain Pro is a specific professional cosmetic product able to guarantee multiple results thanks to only one product.


Bain Pro is a highly concentrated product, dilutable in 20 parts of water. Apply the solution to the coat massaging gently into the coat until a soft emollient cream is obtained. Rinse and repeat a second time. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse again thoroughly.

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