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Bio Energy is an innovative pre-wash mask, highly concentrated, particularly indicated to revitalite, nourish and soften any type of coat. It is a strong and instant treatment to be used both as a beauty mask and antibacterial. It creates maximum hydration and skin and fur rebuilding, improves the hair and brightens coat natural colour. Ideal for preparing the hair for cutting, it also distangles and bio-integrates badly kept coats damaged by environment or aggressive chemical treatment.


The Bio Energy formula is enriched with sea bio-derivates. These organisms contain protein and oligoelements (including iodine, mucopoliseccarides, vitamins and carotenoids). It develops a highly active anti-oxidante, protective and anti-allergic emollient. An improvement in hair coat vitality and a higher skin elasticity can be seen starting from the first application.


Bio Energy is applied on dirty fur and can be used both undiluted with water. If a “beaty mask” is needed, dilute the product with lukewarm water (1Part Product, 10/10 parts water). Apply the liquid along the lenght of the coat and massage. Leave on for 10/15 minutes then continue the normal cleansing procedure without rinsing Bio Energy. In case of “skin problems” spread the product undiluted along the length of the hair, coverthe animal with a towel and leave on for 30 minutes and continue the normal cleansing procedure without rinsing Bio Energy. In case of skin problems, it is advisable to wash with Skin Care Pro.

* Pumps for the canisters are not included! Please order these separately!

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