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4 Elements Oil is an oil mixture designed specificaly for strengthening and rebuilding coats. It is effective for enervated, demaged and stressed hair. Its restructering and revitalizing action is immediate. It gives the coat an extraordinary brightness and a velvety touch. It also acts as untie knots facilitating felts opening before cleansing treatment. Moreover, it guarantees brightness and resistance results and elasticity to demaged areas of the hair. It also protects from the heat of the hair dryer and the plate and from direct sunlight. Recommended for all dog breeds.


4 Elements Oil can be used in different grooming situations. Before the bath it makes the hair free of  knots. Messaged on wet hair it do not need to be rinse. To rebuild the hair, we recommend the following procedure. Mix 10 drops of 4 Elements Oil with a tablespoon of Hydrating Cream, dilute this solution with 2 liters of hot water and apply along the length of the hair. In case of very demaged hair leave on under a heat source. Then rinse and dry thouroughly.

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