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Mix Pink is a professional air conditioner having a two-phase structure. You can see an oily-first phase and a water second-phase. Its composition is innovative and thanks to its double action restructures and moisturites the coat. Mix Pink is designed as a air conditioner for long coats to facilitate hair combing and brushing. It is specific for knots and giving shine to the hair natural colours after conditioning. It is recommended for all dog breeds.


During its oily phase, Mix Pink contains linolenic acid, sunflower oil and silicone oil to restructure, shine and reinvigorate the coat. During its water phase presents coffee extracts, green tea extracts and ginseng to invigorate, stimulate and revitalize the hair.


Mix Pink is a biphasic product. Before using, shake well to perfectly mix the two phases. Spray the product at a distance of 20 – 30 cm during the drying phase to condition  long coat or to remove persistent knots. Also, in the case of hair with knots. Mix Pink can be used to dry the hair during the week as maintenance. For show dogs, the product can be used as a pre-ring and sprayed directly on the coat to define the hair and increase its brightness.

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